onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Länkar till ställen med intressant material

At these places you can look for interesting material for class.

Youtube.com - no introduction needed, right?
Vimeo.com - high-quality videos. Often quite artful.
Podfeed.net - Here, you can find links to many interesting podfeeds, neatly arranged in categories
Språklänkportalen - radio - This is a radio program directory. A good place to start out. The links have been provided by English teachers. Yeah!
Digg.com - a place that collects links to the most popular material on the web. If you want fun, weird stories - this is the place to go. The material is rated by the users.
The BBC - this webpage is the doorway to a lot of great material. They have TV, radio and articles about everything.

So, get otu there and find interesting things. It doesn't have to be from these sites, obviously, but these are good places to start out.

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