onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Onsdag v. 34

This is the task for Tuesday of next week. Find two texts that you think we should use in English class. I use the term "text" loosely. It could be song, a poem, a video clip, a short story, an extract from a novel or a tv-show, an article, a podcast a review or something else. Whatever you choose, it has to meet these criteria:
  • It should be aimed at an adult or "young adult" English-speaking audience. Basically, this means the language should not be adjusted for younger people or foreigners in any way.
  • It has to contain a "good enough" language. We must be able to learn some language from it, that is.
  • The content should have something that we could discuss, or enjoy - so a manual for microwave oven for instance is not a good choice even though it is aimed at an adult audience and contains a "good enough" language.
  • If it is a video clip or podcast, the quality of video and the sound has to be good.
Choose your texts and introduce it to me and the class on Tuesday. You will have time during class to send me the links. Your introduction should contain a summary of the content, what kind of medium/ text type it is and an explanation for why you chose it and how you think others may benefit from it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will post some links that could help you find places to search.

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